Half a year of The Conversation

I'm overdue to post something here, if only to point you towards The Conversation, which is live and well. Given that you're on my personal site, I imagine you already know about The Conversation and have tuned in at some point. If you haven't, check it out: a sprawling, multi-month, asynchronous conversation about the future and the fate of humanity might be for you.

At this point, I've been on the road for nearly half a year, interviewed a host of remarkable people, and confronted more immense ideas than I can digest. It's utterly exhausting and, without doubt, the most interesting, challenging, and satisfying project I've worked on. Currently, my plan is to travel through late December and record as many conversations as I can without getting too jumbled and incoherent. After that, I should be back in the desert for several more months of editing and posting my backlog of work. And how to wrap this thing up?  I have a few ideas and they all involve more than two microphones. I'll post more about that on The Conversation when I get things ironed out.

I'll be back on this site when The Conversation has finally run its course and I'm on to the sprawling list of other projects I want to work on.

In the meantime, remember The Decisions Project? I am putting it on Cowbird, accompanied by all of the (freshly edited) vignettes I wrote that summer while traveling. It's exciting to have the audio, writing, and photography assembled in one place. Hopefully it helps The Decisions Project reach a few more people. Now how am I going to find time to set up a Zeega site with interactive maps for Two Wheels to Nowhere?