A few months ago I made the questionable decision to buy a century-old house. A smarter man would have foreseen the implications of home-ownership, but I'm a naif. So instead of editing the next ten episodes of The Conversation I've been expressing my creativity with a sledgehammer and pickaxe. Couple this with full-time employment and I've had to table my independent projects for the moment.

The only exception to this is a story about gentrification in Tucson that I've been working on for NPR's Latino USA. It should be running early in the new year. I'll post a link when it's live.

Also, I'm going to be working with Micah Saul to deliver a presentation at SXSW Interactive this spring. We'll be building upon The Conversation to discuss the unspoken philosophy of Silicon Valley. This will not be gentle.

Hopefully my house will have running water and all of its walls by the spring. When that's done I'll get back to posting interesting work.