Projects, beginning and ending.

Graduate school suffocated my creative output in 2011, causing The Decisions Project to glide to a quiet halt in August.  I had been planning to add a few more interviews but, with grad school over, I have recently listened through all of my audio again and there isn't much I want to add.  29 decisions will be fine--I may even cull out a few of the weaker ones.  With The Decisions Project officially done, it is time to begin the unsavory process of trying to get it on the air.

At the same time, I am beginning work on a new audio project that will dwarf everything else I have worked on.  If everything works out, I will begin production in April.  More details and an independent web page soon.

Also, there's a readable essay lurking in my thesis... something exploring the growing tension between environmentalism and civil liberties.  It promises to be uncomfortable, like discovering two of your best friends hate each other.  If I stay on schedule, I'll be able to get it done in the next two months.

2012 looks interesting, with or without a Mayan apocalypse.