Seawall, ME I

Brett's mammoth BMW motorcycle is piled high with metal cases and extra tires. Most people couldn't lift their leg up high enough to even get on his bike, much less to handle the machine comfortably on the dirt, but Brett is a towering figure with a knuckle-crushing handshake and a direct, self-confident manner of speech. As he explains his plans, he seems completely undaunted by their ambition.

This morning he left Boston, the first day of a year-long ride. First, up to Newfoundland, then a ferry to Labrador where he will ride the long, empty dirt highway into Quebec. Solo. Across Canada, Alaska, California, Mexico, Central America, around Columbia, and down to the tip of South America. From there? "I hope to fly over to Australia or Indonesia... we'll see how far I can get." He has been planning this adventure for a year and can afford to take a year off—the fruits of working for a Bermudan asphalt contractor. A few friends will join him for stretches here and there, but it is mostly his own project. "You know how it is with these things."

He meditates on his next motorcycle adventure. Perhaps a ride across Siberia? But first a motel and a conference call tomorrow. The BMW purrs quietly as it slices into turns down the road. May it be a long, safe road.

He is blogging. bhm007.wordpress.com